>> My new blog:

> The official Catechism of the Catholic Church

>> The Early Church Fathers – database of complete writings

>> – A favorite traditional Catholic website.  The section on “being Catholic” will probably teach you more substantial and spiritually useful information than many watered-down parish RCIA classes for adults considering entering into the Church.

->> Catholic Answers.  A lay apologetic organization that influenced me greatly.  Most of their apologists are former protestants.  It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly one of the most helpful resources out there.

> >Called to Communion- Reformation Meets Rome.  An exceptional blog written by scholarly Catholic Authors that were formerly Reformed.  Especially useful for those with a Calvinist background.

>>Biblical Evidence for Catholicism– By Dave Armstrong, a former protestant who is now a prolific Catholic apologist and  whose work has influenced me greatly.

>>Apologetics Articles– from PhilVaz- A great resource that focuses on the arguments of Catholic critics such as James White, William Webster, Norman Geisler, and others….

>>–  A great site for the official daily prayers of the Church for the different hours of the day (the “Liturgy of the Hours” or “Divine Office”) as well as daily mass readings.

>>Franciscan Media’s Saint of the Day–  A useful daily prayer resource to learn about new saints and pray with them.