Protestant Concerns

This section features short answers as well as links to tracts from Catholic Answers which address many of the common concerns and questions that protestants have regarding Catholicism (I can relate in that I had been concerned about all of these issues myself…)

…Doesn’t the Catholic use of the term “merit” mean they teach “works righteousness” instead of salvation by grace?

…Didn’t Paul Teach ‘Justification by Faith Alone’ instead of by ‘Faith Working Through Love’?

…Why don’t Catholics believe in ‘Sola Scriptura’ (‘Bible Alone’)?

…Don’t Catholics have ‘extra books’ in their Bibles?

…How can Catholics believe that the pope (a mere man) is infallible?

…How do we know the Apostle Peter was ever in Rome?

…Why do Catholics think that ‘Apostolic Succession’ is so important?

…Don’t Catholics worship Mary?

…Don’t Catholics use forbidden ‘graven images’ and pray to idols?

…Why do Catholics think that ‘Dogma can Develop’?

…Isn’t Catholicism pagan?

…What is meant by the phrase ‘Outside the Church there is no salvation?’

…Doesn’t the Bible condemn the ‘traditions of men’?

…Didn’t Jesus say ‘Call no man father’?

…What’s the deal with Vows of Celibacy?


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