Catholic Bible Verses & Early Church Writings

Since the so called ‘Protestant Reformation’ in the 16th century, many Catholic teachings and practices have been rejected by protestants/evangelicals with the accusation that they are mere ‘traditions of men’ that are contrary to Biblical teaching and the practice of the early Christians. This page provides textual evidence to the contrary.

As a Catholic, I prefer to approach the Sacred Scriptures slowly in a prayerful way (as in ‘lectio divina’), so it is with reservations that I often offer many individual ‘catholic verses’ in the apparent form of ‘proof texts.’  In truth, most of these verses do not prove the doctrines under consideration in the strictest sense (private interpretation can twist all meaning if it wishes), rather they allow one to read the scriptures through the eyes of the early Church and see the perfect harmony between the sources of Catholic doctrine (Scripture, Tradition, & the authotitative apostolic teaching office known as the Magisterium).  I encourage the reader to recall that Scripture itself never promises to provide ‘proof texts’ for all authentic Apostolic doctrine (actually quite the opposite), and that all verses are ‘Catholic Verses’ in so far as the scriptures were written, preserved, and authoritatively canonized within the Catholic Church.

[Bible verses are taken from the NRSV-CE  and quotes from the Early Church are taken from William A. Jurgens’ four-volume ‘Faith of the Early Fathers’ and/or Catholic Answers ‘Fathers Know Best’ apologetic tracts.  The full context of most early Church passages can be found here.]

I no longer update this content, but am seeking to slowly expand upon it at my new blog:

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