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Greetings and welcome to ‘From Protestant to Catholic- why the Bible and Early Church Fathers lead me to convert from Evangelical Protestatant to Catholic.’  I hope you will find this site useful, regardless of where you find yourself in your faith journey.  My name is Michael Mohl and I am a young adult who works as a Registered Nurse and is blessed to be a husband and a father to two children.  However, this site is not meant to be about me, but rather about the information that turned my world upside down about six years ago.

Though my own Christian background was denominationally diverse (born Methodist, family later joined non-denominational Baptist style church, then I chose to attend Presbyterian-PCA, before joining Lutheran-LCMS church in college), there was one thing that didn’t change: I hated the doctrine of the Catholic Church as I understood it.  I believed the Catholic Church was the prophetic ‘Whore of Babylon’ of Revelation that preached a false gospel,  followed an ‘Antichrist pope’, was too ritualistic, too superstitious, too legalistic, and revered a ‘tradition of men’ that the Bible condemned.  In researching the various claims of Catholicism to try to expose it to friends and acquaintances as a Satanic distortion of the true gospel, I found myself surprisingly exposed to the beauty, consistency, and truth of Catholicism as found within the Bible, within the writings of the earliest Christians, within the spirituality of the saints across the ages, and within the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Sure, a lot has changed in the Church’s 2,000 year lifespan (and there are a few current disciplines that I wouldn’t mind seeing changed), but I began to realize that almost all of these changes are like the organic growth and development that all living things experience without losing their essential identity.  The most influential factor for me was definitely the testimony of the earliest Christian leaders known as the ‘Early Church Fathers,’ who often gave their lives for the sake of preserving the faith, and held beliefs regarding the Church, sacred Scripture/ Holy Tradition, the sacraments, and salvation that I found to be overwhelmingly in harmony with Catholicism rather than Evangelicalism/Protestantism.  Contrary to all of my expectations, the scriptures themselves made more sense and ‘came alive’ as I learned more about how the early Church interpreted them… After losing much sleep in a process of prayerful study that was exciting, but not always easy (especially considering a few tough teachings and the priestly sex abuse scandal that was happening), and after a 6 month courtship with Eastern Orthodoxy… I was eventually received into full communion with the Catholic Church, and I can say that it is truly good to be home!

I created this site to help protestants/evangelicals truly understand the Biblical and historical basis of the Catholic teachings which they protest (whether in knowledge or in ignorance as I once did).  I aim not to belittle other Christians’ beliefs, but to share the paper-trail of evidence that I personally found to be a compelling witness to the truth of the Catholic faith.  I hope that Christians of all varieties will find the content respectful, informative, and engaging.  I am also creating a blog section called the Spirituality of the Saints to share the beautiful inspiration I have found in ‘the company of saints.’

The Catholic Catechism states that sin and misunderstanding on all sides has tragically lead to the divisions that exist within Christianity today…. By the grace of God, may this site be beneficial in some way to all who are seeking the unity which our Lord Jesus Christ prayed for in the Garden of Gethsemane… Amen.

Please email comments, questions, and feedback to protestant2catholic@gmail.com.  Comments left on pages of this site are also encouraged, though they will eventually be deleted.  If you find this page helpful, please consider spreading the word by ‘liking’ the facebook page linked below.

Thanks for visiting and may the peace of Christ be with you,


9 thoughts on “Welcome / About

  1. Michael, I just thought you would like to know I sent your posting on Justin Martyr to our Deacon to share with our RCIA Team we met last night and the Mass same up as we were sharing with a “seeker”. I have booked mark your site and hope to be able, as a “Cradle Cathoilic” to gain a greater appreciation of a convert’s perspective. Your brother in Christ, Jack


    • Thanks for the feedback Jack! I hope it is found to be beneficial. Many of these very early fathers really ‘sealed the deal’ for me, as well as the fact that the Bible seemed more coherent as I learned more about Catholic theology and stopped expecting more from the Bible than it promises for itself (i.e. ‘Sola scriptura’). It was very liberating, even despite the fact that I personally find Catholicism to be far more demanding (morally and spiritually) in terms of discipleship. It is great that you are making the effort to see where a convert comes from. My wife is a cradle Catholic and often helps expand my perspective.
      May Christ’s peace be with you, Michael


  2. You’re comments about conversion seems rather shallow being that you married a cradled Catholic…you had no choice lest she left her Church…..False doctrine is what most protestants ”hate’ not Catholics..you sound off just like other Catholics…and it’s nonsense..hate is NOT a protestant doctrine…nor Catholic…..It is doctrine that divides and false teaching…Mary? Pope?…Perversion being hidden?? Immaculate Conception? I can list many problems with the CC….was NOT the first..that’s nonsense…the first was when Jesus was on this Earth…Paul made that clear….The Church..as Catholics call it..is as divided as any org. on this earth…harlot? What do you call any org who deliberately hides GROSS SINS from it’s ministers to it’s most defenseless ? Harlot?….You said you had a problem….still do?…..Look at the Root of that org…it’s leaders going unchallenged..and many murdered who protested in the past…..You call yourself a Catholic..I call myself a Christian..why?? Because I believe what Jesus and His Saints said and taught….I do not have to explain Mary…calling a man Holy Father…wearing the garb of priest…beads….wealth of my church..nor do I have to explain that Jesus was NOT a Marxist.Knowing that Jesus said..simplified..if you shed innocent blood..so shall yours be shed..in other words..you’re under the law until you receive Christ..that goes for you and me…….I could go on for days about differences…I don’t buy your reasons.they’re immature and naive, to say the least.Thanks.James..one more thing..Catholics seem to not be able to tell t he diffence between abortion and Murders..Jesus and His Saints never defended both in the same breath.one is equity ,COLD BLOODED MURDERERS and deserves justice..the other is innocent and deserves life..the UNBORN ..if you really study the scriptures…two laws were carried into the new wine bag..murder and homosexuality…one requiring blood for blood..MURDER..that is why I will never concede to Catholic Hypocrisy….


    • Hi James,
      Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to provide such a frank expression of your thoughts regarding Catholicism. I must say that I find the logic of your post hard to follow, but I will do my best to respond to what I can:

      Notice that I never said I ‘hated’ Catholics personally as a protestant; I hated Catholicism as a whole because I thought (ignorantly) that it was false doctrine that subverted the gospel and likely lead most of its adherents to hell.

      I encourage you to study many topics:

      *Early Church use of the term ‘Catholic’ and what it signified.
      *The universal veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary by every Church that existed prior to the 16th century (Catholic, Coptic Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, etc…).
      *The universal use and meaning of liturgical vestments (‘robes’) by every Church that existed prior to the 16th century.
      *The content of my site that deals with the papacy (or better yet, buy Stephen Ray’s book “Upon This Rock”).
      *The universal use of the term ‘father’ in every Church that existed prior to the 16th century.
      *Catholic social teaching: especially Pope John Paul II’s role in victory over totalitarian communism.

      Where do you get the impression that the Catholic Church’s official teaching is not the most pro-life doctrine on the face of the earth? What other Church condemns direct abortion (even with instant excommunication) even in the case of rape, incest, and potential death for the mother? What other Church has operated as many orphanages and centers for troubled-pregnancies? Have you ever been to a March for Life in Washington D.C.? The one I went to was basically a ‘Catholic pep-rally!’ I am very confused about what you are trying to say there. If you object to how many nominal Catholics are pro-choice politically, than you are objecting to hypocrisy, not Catholicism.

      Where in official Catholic teaching do you find anything that would condone or excuse the clerical sex abuse scandal? If you can find nothing, than what you object to (as well as I) is not Catholic teaching, but the repulsive failure to uphold Catholic teaching by a small percentage those who should be the best examples of chastity for all of us, as well as an equally apalling failure by certain bishops in carrying out their duties by trying to cover up the issue to avoid scandal (thereby creating a far worse scandal). I assume you believe in Satan and know that he hates Christ and His Church, right? …I interpret the sex abuse scandal to be evidence of the attacks of the enemy.

      By the way, I met my wife at a daily mass more than half a year after my conversion… I never would have met her had I not converted first (talk about an added bonus!). With all possible respect, perhaps the “shallow” thing here is the disregarding of all of the information on this site to publicly assume that my love life is probably what lead to a superficial conversion on my part.

      As to my other “naive & immature” reasons, I will let God be the judge of that, as well as the voices of the saints on the day of final judgement… In preparation for that day, I confess all of my own ignorance, immaturity, sinfulness, and continual need for mercy.

      I will pray for you tomorrow the most Holy sacrifice of the mass. I ask for your prayers as well, that I too might grow in intimate knowledge of God and His will for my life.

      May the peace of Christ be with you,


  3. Thanks for responding. Your post implied hatred being of doctrine is what I said. Reread what I said..I clarified because the word, hate, is so misused. My apology for confusion. Read what I said…I know that many Catholics are pro-life supporters…Bless them..that is not what I was saying..The Catholic movement is also against the death penalty for cold blooded murderers even though proven absolutely guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt…that is exactly what I was implying…they do..they will defend the murderer as quick as an unborn child..look at your Popes position and your church…..When Jesus made it clear about the Law..he meant’t exactly what he said..he did NOT CHANGE the law…not one tittle/jot of the law.. sorry for the confusion but we are on the internet and time is of essence. I have Catholics and Methodists friends say..who I’m I to judge when I disagree with them on moral issues. That’s the typical response I receive when they pervert what Jesus was saying. Righteous indignation is far different than self righteous indignation..it is not judging..it is demanding justice….not revenge..which prior Popes and Priests, and few protestants have used as an argument to support their position..but it’s not Biblical in the new Testament…Innocent blood is real blood..not spiritual…so when we are told to shed the blood of the murderer it’s real blood………..Laws differ from Nation to Nation….that is the Law of their lands..so be it….be careful where you live….Question I asked a Nun….If I murdered a man and his family and not one was believers in Christ and I was put in prison for life and ”find God”…am I saved and those I murdered unsaved?……Her response was CONFUSION…..had to restate question and still no response..Repeat, she was a Nun. Why do many Priest still use Latin when congregation doesn’t understand language? I know why..curious if you do. Regards to Father..I understand the spiritual Fatherhood..St Paul was the spiritual Father of the Church of Corinth..but he was not wanting to undermine the one true Father..so he was walking a very thin line of confusing those new to the Faith….an old tradition of churches before any Universal church was established….that said….it is tradition .it is something that must be very well explained as NOT to allow a child not to be seduced into thinking authority of strange men with robes and religious adornment and pious words can be trusted. That is the reason I mentioned the hidden atrocities of the Catholic Church of molestation of young boys..and it was hidden ..not to mention the countless murders of the past of unbelievers..sure we know now..but how many centuries has this been done, and still is done in poor Nations? When men are unmarried and without relations, you’re asking for evil to prevail without realizing it will..St Paul said ..It is better to marry than burn……..He was talking about sex..burning with desire…..there is the problem..be it women or children as victims of human failings…Trust no man……..the scriptures make it clear….Of course no Church is exclusive of sinning..but response must be swift..and it is in most protestant churches….I have heard many Priest claim it’s not just the CC…problem is..RESPONSE..that’s the difference…..Condoning in Catholics teaching of molestation? Neither did I suggest such a thing or imply it….I poked a finger in your eye in my last writing to get response..you did..and I thank you..but don’t read into something that is not there,please. I love Catholics just as much as Baptist or any other Christian org.,….You asked if I believe in Satan and assert that the molestation is an attack against the Church? It is an attack against innocent children who were taught to trust men in lavish religious garment and piety that seduced them into” trust of man” that seemed Godly because family members innocently allowed such trust. Satan can not do what you said..Man did it,willingly….man made the choice and so we blame Satan for the sin..When Jesus said ..get behind me Satan to St Peter..was he Satan? Did Peter have spirit of Satan in him? Man willingly sins, we all do..but I nor anyone else has excuse when they know the gospel and believe it..Satan is defenseless against Gods children..but when allow the flesh to become weak with lust of the flesh we will sin..that’s what prevailed in your church and all churches…but to allow it to be hidden by it’s highest authorities for decades is indefensible and that org. whatever it is called deserves condemnation and rebuking….Be beyond reproach or pay! In regards to good works..dirty rags….charities of so called protestants way before they were called protestants are far more silent than today’s Catholic Church..yes..you do good..but no more than the churches of others..collectively.. have for centuries before the councils around 400ad convened….you would be astounded of the working of many churches that are not political or media hyped..they actually work in silence…good works is fine..but not salvation……by any means…..I did not have all the time in the world to read your entire site..regarding your conversion..I did it on purpose to make you respond…you did..and I thank you…but you took upon yourself to share your testimony about conversion..that is what made me respond…….to what?? A Catholic…are you still a Christian and a Catholic Can you be both? Is that the only way for salvation?? The Church..as you call it?? Your church is NOT your savior..no more than mine is..Jesus is..with the Son you are NOT alone in this world…no matter where you are or what house you preside..be it yours or mine…you said you went to many churches before you converted… ..to what?? Another Church..or to Christ, which you believe is the ONLY house of God?..Many Catholics are taught the false doctrine …Mary,,Co coredeemer……literal blood and flesh transformation in remembrance of Christ……..I understand Catholic doctrine..but I also understand the scriptures….with respect….and I do consider you a brother in Christ,,but many Catholics do not embrace anyone outside of their denomination…and some protestants as well./.the gospel of Jesus and His death burial and resurrection is the glue that bounds all to the Father!..That believe….thanks..and I wish you and your family a blessed earthy life and great abundance..James…p;s;I know I poked you in the eye some more..but it heals..LOL..I like you..I really do..James..A believer in Christ


    • “The Law” that Jesus fulfilled and which was “nailed to the cross” was the law of Moses, which applied ONLY to the Israelites IN THE PROMISED LAND, not the law of God, which applies to ALL men in ALL TIMES.


    • If you love your fellow man you will help him if you see him lying in the ditch, warn him, even snatch him back if he is about to step in front of a speeding bus, so as hell is infinitely more final and permanent, how can you fail to warn all who will listen of the danger to their souls of their behavior and of their rejection of the gospel?


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