“There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”  -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

My name is Michael David, and I welcome you to ‘From Protestant to Catholic; why I became what I had hated.’  I am a young adult who works as an RN in an intensive care unit, volunteers as a junior-high Catechist, and is blessed to be married with two children.  However, this site is not meant to be about me, but rather about the information that turned my world upside down about four years ago.

I was one of ‘those millions’ who hated my idea of the Catholic Church, believing it was the ‘Whore of Babylon’ that preached a ‘false gospel’,  followed an ‘Antichrist pope’, was too ritualistic, too superstitious, too legalistic, and revered a ‘tradition of men’ that the Bible condemned.  In researching the various claims of Catholicism to try to expose it to friends and acquaintances as a Satanic distortion of the true gospel, I found myself exposed to the beauty, consistency, and truth of Catholic teaching as found within the Bible, within the writings of the earliest Christians, within the spirituality of the saints across the ages, and within the official Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Sure, many doctrines and disciplines have changed during the Church’s 2,000 year lifespan, but I began to realize that these changes were like the organic growth and development that all of living things experience without losing their essential identity.  After losing much sleep in a process of studying, mentally struggling, and praying… I was eventually received into full communion with the Catholic Church, and I can say that it is truly good to be home!

I still recognize, respect, and celebrate all of truths that I learned in the various Christian gatherings that I have attended; first Methodist, then non-denominational (but really baptist), then Presbyterian (PCA), then Lutheran (LCMS), then Eastern Orthodox… For me these all served their purpose in gradually refining what I do and do not believe.

I created this site with one primary purpose in mind:  to help protestants/evangelicals truly understand the Biblical and historical basis of the Catholic teachings which they protest (whether in knowledge or in ignorance).  I am less interested in debating and refuting other Christian’s beliefs than I am in sharing the paper-trail of evidence that I personally found to be a compelling witness to the truth of the Catholic faith.  I hope that Christians of all varieties will find the content respectful, informative, and engaging.

The Catholic Catechism states that sin and misunderstanding on all sides has tragically lead to the divisions that exist within Christianity today…. By the grace of God, may this site be beneficial in some way to all who are seeking the unity which our Lord Jesus Christ prayed for in the Garden of Gethsemane… Amen.

Please email comments, questions, and feedback to protestant2catholic@gmail.com.  Comments left on pages of this site are also encouraged, though they will eventually be deleted.

Thanks for visiting & may the peace of Christ be with you.

5 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. THANKS so much for your willingness to share what lead you to The Catholic Church. I am currently in the RCIA process and will come convert to The Catholic Church later today at the Easter Vigil. I am so excited and my journey has been a long one. In short my nephew converted at the Easter Vigil of 2010 and he gave me some Scott Hahn books and as they say the rest is history. I was an Evangelical Protestant UMC pastor for 8 years and in 1993 they kicked me out after being saved! I am ready to take the next step in spiritual journey which is a much deeper relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ!! May the blessings of Easter be yours now and always! Skip Mathis

  2. Don’t stop there. Now that you want salvation and have a love for Christ, ask Jesus to come and reveal himself to you. You have to know him personally. He will if you ask him.

  3. Thank u my dear bro in Jesus..to share these valuable information reg ” Jesus’s True church and Only religion from GOD.” May Lord will guide u and ur efforts…”GLORY TO JESUS NAME & HIS HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH”

  4. Greetings! My name is Skip Mathis and I have been enjoying to the very core of my being in my continued spiritual journey into the Catholic Church and my faith in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I am involved in discerning what The Holy Spirit is challenging as to what to do now. My prayer life is growing and attending mass most weekends and during the weekday opportunities fulfills my spirit in ways I never thought possible. After the Easter Vigil of 2014 I had the opportunity to attend a men’s Cursillo the following weekend! Such spiritual highs and my faith grows and evolve that really has opened doors to continue to share my faith. I am now a member of the choir, 1st. Degree Knight of Columbus, the SOL, and the parish council. I recently participated in the VBS with a few other churches in Radford, Va. Becoming a Catholic has brought me such hope and love for all of those in my little mission field and I give praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to continue to encourage anyone that if you are wondering what he Catholic Church has to offer or already a lifelong Catholic go back and take another fresh look as what the Catholic Church has to offer! Make an appointment with a local priest and write down all of the questions you may have and see what The Holy Spirit is calling you to do on behalf of His Kingdom. I believe you will be met with much joy and understanding and rise to the challenge that Our Lord Jesus is calling you and I to become “Apostles to the World” here and now! Remember with “God All Things Are Possible” in Him and through Him!!!

  5. Catholic church was built by Jesus himself. Rest all religions by sinful human. So pray together to reveal this truth to all..to attain eternal life. May Lord cover us with HIS precious blood.Amen.

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